We are resistant to things we don’t understand or aren’t familiar with (I’m envisioning the process involved in getting my 7 year old to try new foods – and she’s not a picky eater – she’s just scared of things she doesn’t know).  It’s part of being human and probably at some point served as a useful defense mechanism.  I have been reluctant to “try” new technology becuase it’s foreign to me and I don’t understand it or trust it. Now that I understand blogs, RSS, and Google Reader, I am much more receptive to using them.  I’ve tasted a new food, and I kinda like it!

A freind of mine has recently been hired to write blogs for Teaching Tolerance, and I was excited about adding her blog to my Google Reader.  I don’t have to go searching for her articles – they will come right to me now. 

I found several feeds that pertain to teaching English and Writing. One in particular that I liked immediately is Writers Write Daily. The blogs are short and very insightful and inspirational.  I’m still learning to quickly scan the items in the reader and choose the ones I want to read. It can be overwhelming becuase I have a tendency to want to read every word (the curse of the English teacher!).  Writers Write Daily is a great place for me to start when I open my Google Reader. I’ll practice scanning and browsing on the other feeds.